Thursday, November 13, 2014

California State Bar Chief Trial Counsel Jayne Kim Misconduct: Disciplinary Backlog Data Manipulated

Fired State Bar Executive Director Joe Dunn Files Whistleblower Lawsuit - Jayne Kim Cooked Books

Former California State Bar Executive Director Joe Dunn alleges misconduct by Chief Trial Counsel Jayne Kim. 
From The Recorder:
Fired California State Bar executive director Joe Dunn filed suit Thursday afternoon, alleging that he was canned after alerting the bar to "serious ethical breaches" among top leaders. The complaint, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, says that Dunn and other unnamed plaintiffs filed two whistleblower notices with the bar during the first week of November. Dunn says he was fired two days later - via email - while giving a speech in San Francisco...
...The whistleblower notices, the complaint alleges, warned administrators that Chief Trial Counsel Jayne Kim - hired on his watch - was manipulating the agency's books to conceal a disciplinary backlog - an issue that Dunn had pledged to lawmakers that he would correct when he came on the job. Dunn also says he complained the bar wasn't doing enough to prosecute non-lawyers performing legal work.
Click here to read the full story at The Recorder. For the Courthouse News Service report, click here. Read the complete lawsuit filed by Joe Dunn below, posted exclusively by State Bar of California News.  

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