Monday, November 17, 2014

Receiver Kevin Singer Serial Unauthorized Practice of Law Violations Ignored by State Bar Office of Chief Trial Counsel

Whistleblower Records Show Statewide Unauthorized Practice of Law by Court Appointed Receiver Continues Without Consequences

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Whistleblower leaked court records indicate that court appointed
receiver Kevin Singer routinely practices law without a license.
Court records leaked to State Bar of California News indicate that prominent court appointed receiver Kevin Singer routinely engages in the unauthorized practice of law without consequences. Singer is not an attorney or member of the State Bar of California, yet has filed court pleadings in a variety of cases throughout the state

In addition to the Alameda County Superior Court "notice of motion and motion" for a criminal contempt of court hearing posted below, Singer has filed a motion for authorization to retain an attorney in Contra Costa County, and a stipulation in Santa Clara County. 

"Preparation of stipulations and releases constitutes the practice of law," according to Ellen R. Peck, a former State Bar Court judge and co-author of The Rutter Group California Practice Guide: Professional Responsibility. In a San Francisco Superior Court case, Singer drafted and filed an "ex parte application and application for orders" to confirm a prior stipulation and order, which he also drafted and filed.     

According to a disciplinary decision from the state Commission on Judicial Performance, Singer's court filings also implicate each judge who permits his UPL conduct. A judge who aids and abets the unlawful practice of law is subject to discipline for committing conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judiciary into disrepute, according to the CJP.  The whistleblower leaked court records are posted below, and at this Scribd link. For the law and legal authorities that prohibit, and define the unauthorized practice of law, click here.

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